About the Center

water-over-rocks-2The Health and Healing Center (HHC), located in Prescott Valley, Arizona, was established to assist women in attaining vibrant health and enhanced self-worth. We understand that by improving women’s lives, we are making the world a better place for hundreds of others since each woman touches and affects the lives of so many. If a woman is feeling good, she has an amazing ability to pass this sense of wellbeing on to others. The ripple effect contributes to the creation a beautiful, supportive and constructive environment for all.

The Health and Healing Center provides integrative health care to women and their loved ones. Our naturopathic medical doctor, Dr. Cheryl Hamilton, provides innovative care through cutting-edge medical science and scientifically proven natural therapies, including acupuncture; aesthetic medicine; botanical medicine; bio-identical hormone replacement therapy; environmental medicine; homeopathy; hydrotherapy; nutritional therapy for emotional, cognitive, and behavioral disorders; preventative medicine and regenerative medicine (prolotherapy, PRP and neural prolotherapy). Please see under the “Women’s Health” tab for a list of women’s health concerns Dr. Cheryl Hamilton specializes in treating.

The professionals at HHC have devoted their careers to the enhancement of health and wellbeing of others.

Lynn Allen, our aesthetician, provides facials and peels with organic beauty treatments; full body waxing; eyebrow tinting and more. Lynn knows that when we feel good about how we look on the outside, our physical and mental health is improved. To that end, she makes every effort to ensure that non-toxic products are utilized to enhance your personal beauty.

Jennifer Kerlin, LMT, specializes in therapeutic massage, combined with stretching and joint rotation to improve mobility and relieve tension. You’ll leave feeling balanced, invigorated and relaxed! Jennifer’s clients always receive her complete and focused attention. Her mission is to bring balance and wellness to all of you; your entire body, mind and spirit.

Jan Townsend, our front office receptionist, always makes you feel welcome and right at home and takes care of securing your medical records, appointments and supplements and prescriptions.

The facility was designed with functionality, beauty and the environment in mind. Amenities include a message therapy room, an aesthetics room, an exam room, a large dispensary and a full lab/IV preparation area. The soft music and aromatherapy help to provide respite from the hectic world.

We want your experience at the HHC to enhance your wellbeing. We never treat our guests like a means to an end by herding them through the system quickly so the next person can be seen. We make every effort to take the time and make the effort to show you we care!

Dr. Cheryl M. Hamilton, NMD

Lynn Allen, Aesthetician